Monday weekly update (week 35)

This weekend I changed it all :)

I found out that even with books the whole 3d space thingy was a bit to hard for me, and maybe I will revisit it in the future, but for now I will just make the game/simulation 2d where I will try to test some concept I want to implement.

So the new place for code is:
And again this is a hobby project, so updates might not be as often as I hope.

Monday weekly update (week 34)

Another week another monday.

This week not as much progress as I have hoped. but the book is in, but it uses the same explanation of opengl, so I guess I’m just stupid not understanding how to implement it in my own design.

This means I will start some smaller sub-projects to get me a nice graphic engine. And development for this will be delayed.

I will try to add some of my own “test-apps” to the source code repos, so it is visible.

Monday weekly update (week 33)


This is the first of my weekly updates, I hope to use this to show what I developed last week, and tell what I hope to accomplish this week. I also hope to do this update every week.

What did I do last week:

  • Created the project
  • Created the website
  • Created some simple network functions

What I want to do this week:

  • Show a simple object drawn in OpenGL
  • Make the user move around in space

Currently I have some issues with the OpenGL stuff. as I’m not an opengl developer and my OpenGL book just covers opengl shading and stuff, so still have a lot to learn, my opengl game development book should arrive this week (I hope)

OpenSpace Project Start

Hi all,

This is the first message for the OpenSpace Project. I started development of this game/simulation to learn about game programming, opengl programming and AI programming. Currently I’m a 10 year experienced C++ developer but I want to develop this game in my spare time.

More information about this project:

For more information you can contact me by e-mail: gmoonen <at> nr34 <dot> nl